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Find Your Dream Home in or around Springfield, IL 

Locating and buying the right home for you and your family can be scary and complex, but not if you've educated yourself about the process and have the right people on your side. Here is some essential knowledge you'll need along the way. When you're ready, let RE/MAX Professionals find the right REALTOR to help you find your dream home.

Home Buying Costs

As most know, the costs of owning a home are more than just the sale price. Consider your down payment amount and mortgage interest, and the picture becomes a bit clearer. However, there are other costs to consider that may not be so obvious.

  • Property Tax - What are the tax rates in the areas you're searching? Is the tax going to be included in your monthly mortgage payment, or will you be hit with an additional bill each year?
  • Repairs and Remodeling - Will you be in over your head with remodeling costs on the house you want to buy? It can sometimes be a better deal to pay more upfront if you aren't prepared to foot the bill or put in time for a house that needs a lot of work.
  • Inspection - This is a one-time expense that you must not skip. Make sure it's included in your agreement that the sale is pending an inspection of the house that could potentially reveal problems that could cost you much more down the road.
  • Investment Value - Even if you're buying a house to settle in for the long haul, the change in value will be important down the road. Make sure that you aren't overpaying for the potential that your house can provide a return when you want to retire or move.
  • Well-Being - Don't sacrifice your family's most important needs. If you know that a school district, yard size, or another factor is an absolute must, then you'll want to compromise on other things to find the best value.

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