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RE/MAX Professional is proud to service the home buying and selling needs of the many communities in the Illinois area. Each area has it's own unique characteristics so finding the perfect home for you is more than just bedrooms and bathrooms - it's about the community you want to live, work and play in! Below is a list of just a few of the neighborhoods that we service and we will be adding information on more neighborhoods every week so check back often or let us know if you have questions about a neighborhood you don't see listed here. Community Data - Show you what the cost of living will be like, average income levels in the neighborhood, nearby leisure activities, population growth, climate, crime rates, and more.

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 A: Ashland to Auburn

Adams County, IL

Ashland, IL

Athens, IL

Auburn, IL

 G: Girard to Greenview

Girard, IL

Greenview, IL 

P: Pawnee to Pleasant Plains

Pawnee, IL

Petersburg, IL

Pleasant Plains, IL

 B: Buffalo

Buffalo, IL

J: Jerome

Jacksonville, IL

Jerome, IL

R: Riverton to Rochester

Riverton, IL

Rochester, IL

 C: Cantrall to Curran

Cantrall, IL

Chapin, IL

Chatham, IL

Curran, IL

L: Leland Grove To Loami

Leland Grove, IL

Loami, IL

S: Sherman to Springfield

Sherman, IL

Southern View, IL

Springfield, IL

D: Dawson to Divernon

Dawson, IL

Divernon, IL

M: Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg, IL

Mederosia, IL

Morgan County, Il

Murrayville, IL

V: Virden

Virden, IL

E: Elkhart

Elkhart, IL

N:New Berlin

New Berlin, IL

W: Williamsburg to Winchester

Waverly, IL

Williamsville, IL

Woodson, IL

F: Farmersville

Farmersville, IL

Franklin, IL


Oakford, IL